Our Services

Shields Investigations

SCSC provides a broad range of investigative services, tailoring an investigative strategy to suit the needs of your crime or security challenge. We offer a professional, confidential and secure service with access to specialist support from investigative and forensic experts. SCSC also has direct links with local and international law enforcement agencies.

Our clients include a variety of corporate entities comprising of law firms, financial institutions, and public sector bodies. We specialize in the investigation of crime perpetrated against utility and telecommunications companies. Whether it is theft of equipment from remote cell towers, bypass fraud or cybercrime, we have built an international reputation to solve crimes and find sustainable crime prevention strategies.

  • Utility company and telecommunications theft & fraud
  • Industrial and commercial theft & fraud
  • Investigative support for law firms – civil and criminal
  • Background checks, due diligence, and asset tracking

Shields Surveillance

Shields has invaluable knowledge and experience in the field of surveillance and offers a comprehensive client review to ensure the service provided is tailor-made to your needs to reduce your risks. Thanks to our partnership with a number of award-winning providers, you can be confident you are getting a quality solution to bring you the protection you need.

  • Access control
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Asset Protection
  • GPS Tracking
  • Covert Surveillance Equipment
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) Assessment
  • Road Traffic and Safety Cameras
  • Body Worn Cameras

Shields Assessments

SCSC prides itself on the expertise and accuracy of its assessments, ranging from strategic security audits to risk and vulnerability assessments, providing clients with details of their exposure to risk along with a comprehensive set of recommendations to mitigate the risk.

Shields CSC assists in the design and implementation of ongoing security policies and procedures that help minimize the risk of corporate litigation against the company, directors, or other individuals and helps reduce vulnerabilities for businesses and staff.

  • Security Audit
  • Personal and Corporate Vulnerability Assessment
  • Comprehensive Security Assessment
  • TSCM Assessments
  • Threat and Security Surveys

Shields Personal Security

SCSC provides personal protection teams and/or security liaison officers to VIPs, executives and staff deployed in high-risk environments. We also provide security liaison officers for critical staff when deployed overseas. Our team responds directly to the specific needs of our clients – each client will have an individual risk assessment and tolerance. It is our aim to enable clients to conduct their business safely without feeling the constraints of security and to have an understanding of the nature of the threat they face.

    • Personal Tracking
    • Executive personal protection
    • Private and Witness Protection
    • Counter Threat protection
    • Overseas Deployment protection
    • Counter Threat protection
    • Personal security for high profile figures

Shields High-End Guards

Shields Crime& Security provides an exclusive guard force to protect private and commercial properties. We offer a highly trained team priding themselves in professionalism, reliable service delivery, and integrity. Our standards are highly competitive equalling any first-world standards.

  • Strategic management of your security, reducing the risk of becoming a victim of crime.
  • Oversee access to your property.
  • Monitor alarms, CCTV, and other crime prevention technology
  • Loss prevention control technology.
  • Trained in the tactical use of firearms, and self-defense.
  • Trained in CPR and first aid procedures.

Shields Medical Cannabis Security Management Services

Shields Crime & Security Consultants offers Medical Cannabis Security Management Services.

Shields Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) Standards

CCTV Systems to Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) standards

Shields CLA Pre-Inspections

Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) pre-inspections to ensure CCTV and Security Systems are fit for purpose.

Shields CCTV Monitoring and Maintenance

CCTV monitoring and maintenance to Cannabis Licensing Authority standards.