Shields History

Established in 2009, Shields Crime & Security Consultants Ltd. (SCSC) is an international crime and security sector consultancy based in Kingston, Jamaica, with partners in the wider Caribbean, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Headed and directed by Mark Shields, former Deputy Commissioner of Police for Jamaica (2004 – 2009) in charge of Crime & Intelligence, SCSC offers a wide range of services to its clients both small and large across Jamaica.

SCSC has quickly become one of Jamaica’s leading expert on crime-related issues and the security and protection of both personnel and assets alike. SCSC has also developed an unparalleled reputation amongst its clients in corporate Jamaica, particularly in the application of new technology in fighting crime.

SCSC provides corporate investigative and forensic accounting services to leading law firms, commercial organizations, regulators and financial institutions, and offers a wide range of services to address non- financial risks, including security threats.

A number of the key functions performed includes (but is not limited to) the following;


  1.   Security management services
  2.  Strategic security reviews and risk assessments
  3.  Guard force for private residences and commercial premises
  4. CCTV or other monitoring devices
  5. Covert tracking technology
  6. Forensic marking for prevention and detection of crime
  7. Crime investigations and investigation reviews
  8. Corporate malpractice, incidences of fraud and corruption
  9. Background and due diligence checks
  10. Close protection officers​



1 Sandhurst Avenue
Kingston 6,